Minor frustration

Ans däis, ike wulne an mandalkrasson -- tolk iet -- no et wés nan.

Some days, you can't get a
croissant aux amandes for love nor money. Well, I tried money, and that didn't work. I doubt that love would have made much difference on this occasion.

Bihalats wrun Brézi (Brittany trip)

Me zaräizta wrun Brézi delet Sonnendäi, pasts an mol ohnyinim wökt int te konträ eri ew Franki. Hipünktes wä te küt ew rösi granit, te kohkes (mm, kouign amann), te krempes und te biar (met wër-extrakt!). Et wä intéretsin jund 'e visen te tïlanguikli tsönes, int Frankaz und Brézonez (vis te piktür, lavte).

Our fact-finding trip to Brittany was highly instructive, not to say relaxing. The pink granite coastline was beautiful, the cakes were great (I'm missing the kouign amann already), as were the crêpes, and the local beers (especially the one which contains seaweed extract) were very flavourful. Interesting to see all the bilingual road signage, too (see photo, above), in French and Breton. I noticed in the coverage of the recent Rallye Corsica that the signs are bilingual there too, although the local activists tend to paint over the French bit, leaving only the Corsican legend visible. Perhaps we should campaign to have the signs in Zuraaland (which is, after all, in France) bilingual in French and Jameld...

On the subject of the crêpes in Brittany, it has come to my attention that there is a Jameldic link, thanks to the Breton community in Haguenau (Haaghane-Zudbörg), just south of Zuraaland, which introduced crêpe-making to the area (hence the Jameld word for crêpe, kremp, from the Breton krampouezh).