Norwég, hefts 2006: Trondheim

Lu frég oft ime, »Norwég? Kalt, jist et na?« Sür, et'st kalt inte vante, no et'st ansi wärmi inte tsumme. Wen m'ïkom int Trondheim 30ts Äugüt et wä 21 gradas und te Trondheimazes wä oter inte sonnen und mast raumis. Rafti Septembü int Bodø, und et wä böya 20 gradas. Ven vista te nüdrightes, no meü kamera'st ansi selerë, zo intplaz eri'st an piktür ete bus int Trondheim nech te Nid-Aa, inte la-tsumme sonnen. Oh jey.

I'm often asked by otherwise intelligent people, "Norway? Isn't it cold?" The answer, of course, is that it's cold in the winter and mild in the summer. This year, temperatures there were high enough to qualify as "warm". Indeed, when I arrived in Trondheim at the very end of August it was a balmy 21° C and all the inhabitants were sunning themselves and getting outside some serious ice cream. When September arrived I was in arctic Bodø, and it was still about 20° C. I would be posting a picture of the northern lights here, but my camera was too feeble to record the display; instead, here's a nice photo of the old warehouses by the River Nid in Trondheim, in the late-summer sun.